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Header Connectors - Electronics Parts Listing

Thank you for choosing to procure the Header Connectors parts you require from Automatize Buying. With us, you can expect that all orders for items like part numbers 6-292254-5, 957230-2000-AR-TP, 957268-6002-AR, 957244-2000-AR-PR, 957234-5002-AR, and more, will be met with rapid lead times and competitive cost savings. As our team of professionals works around-the-clock, they make it a priority to leverage their purchasing power and market expertise to offer only the highest caliber electronic Header Connectors products and services to our loyal customers. As such, when you submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) form for any Header Connectors electronic parts in our inventory, be sure to include all details relevant to your purchase. This includes information such as target prices, shipping deadlines, and desired quantities. Then, simply wait 15 minutes for a custom, competitive quote for your comparisons. For further inquiries, we are readily available via phone or email, 24/7x365!

Manufacturer's List of Header Connectors

Part Number's List for Header Connectors

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
6-292254-5 te connectivity amp 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 5p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957230-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 30/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957268-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 68/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957244-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 44/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957234-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 34/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957224-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 24/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957226-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 26/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957234-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 34/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957214-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 14/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957226-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 26/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957250-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 50/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957232-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 32/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957264-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 64/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957210-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 10/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957224-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 24/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957264-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 64/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957224-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 24/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957230-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 30/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957264-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 64/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957240-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 40/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957260-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 60/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
6-292254-4 te connectivity amp headers & wire housings ct relay hdr assy 4p black 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 4p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957222-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 22/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957240-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 40/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957264-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 64/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957232-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 32/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957212-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 12/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957260-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 60/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957240-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 40/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
6318370-1 te connectivity amp 2.5mm signal double lock connector; smartec conn. relay hdr assy ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957240-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 40/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957244-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 44/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957250-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 50/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957212-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 12/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957250-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 50/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957244-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 44/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957268-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 68/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957226-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 26/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957214-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 14/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957260-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 60/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
6-292254-6 te connectivity amp headers & wire housings ct relay hdr assy 6p black 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 6p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957232-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 32/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
7-292254-3 te connectivity amp headers & wire housings ct relay hdr assy 13p black 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 13p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957260-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 60/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957210-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 10/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
6-292254-8 te connectivity amp headers & wire housings ct relay hdr assy 8p black 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 8p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957250-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 50/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957264-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 64/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957234-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 34/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957232-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 32/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
7-292254-5 te connectivity amp headers & wire housings ct relay hdr assy 15p black 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 15p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957210-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 10/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957244-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 44/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
MP2-H096-44S2-S-KR 3m electronic specialty mp2/rc/hdr/96p/4r/shdr/3.53mm st/30pdni Avl RFQ
957230-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 30/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957232-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 32/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957240-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 40/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957216-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 16/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957214-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 14/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957250-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 50/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957230-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 30/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957222-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 22/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957260-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 60/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957268-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 68/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957220-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 20/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
7-292254-2 te connectivity amp headers & wire housings ct relay hdr assy 12p black 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 12p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
6-292254-9 te connectivity amp 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 9p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957216-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 16/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957212-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 12/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957268-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 68/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957216-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 16/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957222-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 22/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957234-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 34/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
7-292254-4 te connectivity amp 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 14p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957222-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 22/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957220-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 20/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957212-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 12/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957268-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 68/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957234-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 34/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957226-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 26/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957224-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 24/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957230-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 30/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957226-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 26/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957216-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 16/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
7-292254-1 te connectivity amp 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 11p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957220-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 20/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957212-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 957212-6002-ar 12/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
7-292254-0 te connectivity amp headers & wire housings ct relay hdr assy 10p black 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 10p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957214-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 14/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957222-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 22/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
6-292254-7 te connectivity amp 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 7p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957210-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 10/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957244-6002-AR 3m electronic specialty 44/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
6-292254-3 te connectivity amp 2mm amp ct connectors; ct relay hdr assy 3p black ( amp ) Avl RFQ
957220-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 20/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957210-2000-AR-PR 3m electronic specialty 10/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/trpd Avl RFQ
957224-2000-AR-PT 3m electronic specialty 24/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc/tupd Avl RFQ
957220-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 20/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957214-2000-AR-TP 3m electronic specialty 14/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/str/smt/10u/rc Avl RFQ
957216-5002-AR 3m electronic specialty 16/hdr/bx/2mm/2r/ra/pth/3.0/10u/rc Avl RFQ

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